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Title: How do I get a human at Comcast?
Post by: Quickhelp on 2021-07-22, 14:36:54
If you want to contact to a live person at Comcast, you can take help from the methods we have provided in this article below.

Through Phone call: When you need to call the customer care of Comcast on phone, you can seek help with the steps given below:

1. Move to the official website of Comcast
2. When you will look up, you will find the support option on your screen
3. Click on the support button and from the next page, you can select the call us the option to make a call
4. If you haven’t sign in to your account, you need to sign in, and then you will be able to call the customer representative of Comcast.

Through Live Chat: If you are in a hurry and need instant assistance, you can choose the live chat option by following the steps below:

1. Head to the support page of Comcast to see the chat box on your screen
2. Click on the small arrow at the top corner of the screen
3. You will be able to see the small window where you can type your message
4. You will be connected to a live agent who will help you to resolve your problems.

How do I get a human at Comcast through Email?

1. You can choose the email option if you want a formal conversation about your problem.
2. You can find the email option on the support page
3. To get the email id, click on the message icon
4. You can enter your subject and write your message explaining the issue
5. You will get a reply from the customer department within no time.

You can also try to reach them on their Twitter account where you can tag the Twitter handle to draw their attention. Facebook messenger is also available if you want to text them on messenger.

So, this was the solution to your question of How do I get a human at Comcast? ( We hope that you found a way to contact a live person at Comcast where you can resolve your issue.