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Author Topic: How do I find my KLM booking code?  (Read 260 times)

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How do I find my KLM booking code?
« on: 2023-01-31, 08:28:51 »
KLM usually sends a booking code to the customers confirming their reservation once they make a payment using their preferred mode. This code can be utilized by travelers to check the status of their flight and make modifications or for online check-in. Several passengers try to find their reservation code post-reservation. If you are among them, you can use the information provided in the following section.

What are the different ways to find the KLM booking code?

Customers can use any of the below-mentioned alternatives to get information about KLM booking:

Search through your mailbox:

This is the best-suggested option that must be tried by the customers. Once you make a flight reservation, you will be sent a confirmation message consisting of your booking code on your linked email address. If it is often found that a message disappears, the reason is that it is detected as a spam message and hence does not remain in your inbox and instead gets stored in a “spam folder,” so customers must go through all the folders of the mailbox carefully.

Get the information from your e-ticket:

When after making a flight reservation, you take out the print of the ticket then you can find the booking code at the top of your printout.

Contact KLM customer service to get the details: If after using the above-mentioned approaches you cannot get the details of your booking, then you can speak to a live person at KLM by dialing the official number according to your region and requesting them to give the relevant information. You must provide your payment information to retrieve booking details.

Conclusion: By using the important information, your doubt “How do I find my KLM booking code?” It must have been cleared. You are allowed to utilize any of the described options. If you made a booking via a travel agent, then you can contact them to get information.


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