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Author Topic: Why my Facebook not loading - Get a fix now  (Read 112 times)

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Why my Facebook not loading - Get a fix now
« on: 2021-10-11, 08:51:06 »
As many users’s unable to open their Facebook account and show Facebook not loading  issues that may happen due to a Large number of users, Server issue,s or Hacked by someone so not to  worry you can rectify a problem with the below steps here 

Clearing Cookies and Cache data

If you use Facebook in your browser, then this process may help in solving your problem. Sometimes the cache files of the browser can stop a website from loading correctly. You should clear the cached data of your browser frequently to avoid this.

Update your browser application

If you are using Facebook in an outdated browser, then it would not load. So, first, you should update your browser to continue with uninterrupted browsing. The older versions of your browser can have bugs. You can download the latest versions of your browser from the official website of your browser.

Update your Operating System

If you are using an older version of an operating system, for instance, Android or iOS, then it is time that you upgrade to a newer version of the Operating System. More often than not, outdated versions of your Operating System can stop some websites from working correctly.

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