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Author Topic: How do I change my SBCGlobal account password?  (Read 1672 times)

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How do I change my SBCGlobal account password?
« on: 2021-08-03, 08:37:15 »
SBCGlobal is becoming prominent and worldwide day by day. With the increase in the use of technology and automation the privacy and security of people becoming a major area that is prone to risk and requires proper attention. So here comes the need of changing passwords.


1.       Open any web browser like Google, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc

2.       Follow up a web address“alt.net”.

3.       On the upper right-hand login page you will get a sign-in portal. Just tap on it.

4.       Then you need to follow up on the forget SBCGlobal account that is available on the interface underneath the password field.

5.       This window will take the user to reset password options.

6.       After this user need to look over the password box.

7.       Now the user is supposed to enter the user id and last name and tap continue.

8.       Then user ask to choose whether to go for setting a temporary password or answering security questions.

9.       In the temporary option temporary password will be sent by AT&T to the user on their previously mentioned recovery email address.

10.   Then the user can log in by using a temporary password.

11.   After that user may create a new password for AT&T login.

Following up just these simple steps leads to change SBCGlobal account password. Changing account passwords is an effective control to increase cyber threats specially email hacking.


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