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Author Topic: Do Delta flights get cheaper last minute  (Read 1784 times)

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Do Delta flights get cheaper last minute
« on: 2021-03-13, 11:44:56 »
Do Delta Flights Get Cheaper Last Minute?

It’s a misconception that plane tickets get cheaper when the departure date is closer. However, flights are expected to get inexpensive when booked between four months to three weeks before the time of departure.

The provision where a flight gets cheaper last minute depends on the airline. Most of the airlines do not have the policy of offering cheap tickets that are purchased just before the departure time. However, some airlines do have that provision. Delta has been providing utmost convenience to its customers. But, do Delta flights get cheaper last minute?

No, Delta flights do not get cheaper last minute. However, Delta offers a number of ways through which you can get cheap Delta tickets.

Different ways to get cheap Delta tickets-

  • Choose the right website to book a flight with Delta-

The website you choose to book a flight plays an important role in getting a cheaper ticket. Some airlines have this provision where they give cheaper tickets when flights are booked on their official websites. However, to get cheaper tickets on Delta, do check out sites like Bing Travel and Google Flights.

  • Choose the best time to book a flight-

The time to purchase the ticket also holds a special room in getting a cheap ticket with Delta. If you are thinking of getting a cheap ticket when you purchase it as early as possible, then you are hugely wrong.

According to a reservation agent of Delta, the time period you are aiming for is 6 to 12 weeks before the departure of the flight. Furthermore, according to Huffington Post, the cheapest day to book your flight is to book it exactly 47 days before the departure of the flight.

  • Best days to book a flight to get cheap tickets-

Delta offers cheaper tickets on certain decided days. You can schedule your purchase on those days and get a discount. The best days to book a fight to get cheaper tickets are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

You can also go through a traditional travel agent in order to get the best and cheaper deal on Delta Flight.

Read more on how can I get a cheap Delta flight

Hope you have got an answer to your question, how can I get a cheap Delta flight. You can check out the official website of Delta for further updates.


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