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Author Topic: How To Install Antivirus In Laptop Without Cd Drive?  (Read 189177 times)

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You must have used a laptop and completed different tasks. A laptop helps in solving problems from bigger to smaller easily. You can take and use it anywhere because of its lightweight. This portable machine keeps every kind of data coming from different sites and email addresses, so some laptops come with window protection to protect this data. Sometimes, you need to install an antivirus to protect your data. But you do not have an antivirus CD drive, so the question is, How To Install Antivirus In Laptop Without Cd Drive? And the answer lies in the below-discussed methods through which you can install your software without buying an external drive. The methods are written more simply for better understanding.

From internet

You can move to the software site and select the drive from the site to easily download its file. It is the best and safest method to retrieve and install the antivirus on your laptop without a CD drive. You can choose the operating system from the site, such as Windows or Mac, according to which you will get the antivirus file to download. After downloading, you can run the setup and complete the installation process.

From the app store or Microsoft apps

You can take the help of an app store where you can search for your suitable antivirus software or app and click on it to install it. You can find the app store on your Macbook and Windows laptop preinstalled. Please open it, and in the search box, write the name of the antivirus, and the page will show you related software. From that, choose the file and click on install.

Finally, the installation will begin automatically, and you can see the antivirus on your laptop screen.

From external USB drive

Another best way to Install Antivirus In Laptop Without Cd Drive is through a USB which is a portable storage device that helps to store files, documents, applications, software, etc., so you can look for the USB drive that will collect the data file of antivirus and after that connect the USB to your laptop then it will show you the antivirus file, click on it and run the program. At last, the file has been installed; click on the software and run a scan process.

From shareholder

You can take the help of a shared folder or shared drive that can be available through online mode. Share folder consists of different files, including an antivirus software installation file that you can fetch and install on your laptop.


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