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Author Topic: Can you get your money back if you cancel your flight?  (Read 2470 times)

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How can you get your money back if you cancel your flight? Learn it

United Airlines is always happy to help you regarding flight booking and cancelation in an appropriate way. If you have booked a flight ticket online and looking for assistance to cancel a flight ticket online, you can send a request to get your money back and initiate the flight reservation process in an appropriate way.

It is for sure that you can get your money back if you cancel your flight online within 24 hours before flight departure and save yourself from paying extra. If you want to learn the basic concept and asking that Will United Airlines refund my ticket or not, learn the simplest points down.

·         When you cancel a non-refundable flight ticket within 24 hours before flight departure, you may get a refund after sending the request.

·         Check out the booking portal that allows you to cancel a flight at no cost and send a refund request immediately.

·         You are entitled to a full refund of your flight ticket where you don’t have to pay a cancelation fee and reserve the next flight.

·         You can get a refund in the original form of payment that you can get at least 7 days away after the flight cancelation.   

For further help regarding flight cancellation, feel free to contact our customer representative team that is available to help you instantly.


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