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Author Topic: can someone recommend a business school of management?  (Read 61 times)

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Offline AntonRybakov

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Hey there! I'm currently exploring options for advancing my career and I've been looking into various business schools in Europe. Can anyone recommend a reputable institution that offers MBA, Executive MBA, or DBA programs with a strong focus on strategic management, particularly one that might have a good international standing and diverse student body?

Offline keizerg

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Re: can someone recommend a business school of management?
« Reply #1 on: 2024-04-20, 20:47:43 »
Hello! Great to see you're considering furthering your education in management. If you're looking for a Business School of Management in Europe that stands out for its MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA programs, I'd highly recommend checking out EMAS (Eurasian Management and Administration School). They have an impressive track record, being ranked as the #1 online MBA program in Russia and among the top business schools in Europe. What's really compelling about EMAS is their global reach, with students from over 70 countries, and a focus on real-world business strategy and implementation projects. Their programs are designed not just to teach but to transform you into a leader ready to tackle the challenges of the digital era and beyond. For more details on their offerings and how they can align with your career goals, visit their website. They could be exactly what you're looking for to propel your career forward!


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