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Author Topic: Can I Get a Refund from Spirit Airlines?  (Read 2028 times)

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Can I Get a Refund from Spirit Airlines?
« on: 2021-01-27, 10:31:58 »
Yes, you can get a refund for canceling a flight on Spirit Airlines. All the eligible flights can be canceled and request a refund. Even a full refund can be achieved by the person when he or she cancels a flight booking.
To get a refund your flight must be eligible for a refund. In case you wonder can I get a refund from Spirit Airlines, you should know the refund policy of the airline. And to assist you here are some points that you should consider while canceling a flight booking and get a refund.
When you cancel a flight ticket under 24 hours of its purchase, you can get the customer service team to get a full refund. Also, there are no cancellation charges on canceling a flight booking within 24 hours.
Also, if you have made reservations seven or more days before the departure, you need to pay the cancellation charges. Even if you cancel the flight within 24 hours, charges are there.
Only refundable flight tickets can request a full refund. Non-refundable flight tickets won't let you get a refund. But non-refundable flight tickets achieve some travel points on their flight cancellation.
Besides, once you request a refund, it may take up to seven working days to get your application process and get the refund. You need to be patient.
Apart from this, if you find any delay in getting a refund, you should contact the Spirit Airlines customer service to get help. Moreover, all you need is to dial the customer service phone number and issues get resolved.


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