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Author Topic: Any advice on where to find a list of towing companies?  (Read 53 times)

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Offline AntonRybakov

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Hey everyone! I’m in a bit of a bind here in Ketchikan, Alaska. My car decided to give up on me in the middle of nowhere, and I desperately need a tow. Does anyone know of a reliable towing service around here that won’t leave me stranded for too long?

Offline keizerg

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Re: Any advice on where to find a list of towing companies?
« Reply #1 on: 2024-04-21, 12:23:25 »
Hello there! Oh no, that sounds like quite the situation you're in. If you're in Ketchikan, Alaska, I’d highly recommend checking out Purdy’s Totem Towing & Repair or A1 Towing Service https://towing-companies.com/alaska/ketchikan-ak . They're known for their reliable service in the area. Whether it's a simple tow or more comprehensive repair services you need, they’ve got you covered. You can find more details about them on the Towing Companies website, specifically under the Ketchikan, AK section. They offer a variety of services, so you’re likely to find what you need there. Hope your car troubles get sorted out soon!


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