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Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by farrow on 2018-04-20, 21:36:42 »
Mustafa has put a lot of work into KloxoMR and here you all are re-branding his work. I for one will not be using a knock off of KloxoMR, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. You are like a bunch of girls bitching and moaning, only looking out for yourselves. RATS the lot of you.
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by alex_fear on 2018-04-20, 09:25:22 »
I can not understand people who do not write their problem and write negative reviews, although it is not. I was not denied aid, even when the HDD died. Mustafa helped restore the broken database. I really hope that the project will live. Since this is the best panel I've seen, yes there are problems but they are still solved. I will be very happy about the release of Beta and I'm ready to be a tester.
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by luckytanuki on 2018-04-20, 03:37:33 »
There isn't really any Kloxo developers. The original developer is dead, the documentation is almost non-existent and the code is un-commented.

There isn't a closed shop, the big problem is that no one understands Kloxo. 

Kloxo-MR is like the car Homer Simpson designed. It is Kloxo with extra things bolted to it but not tested properly. It is buggy, overly complicated and again no one understands it.

It is also very powerful, if you are lucky enough for it to install properly and actually work. If it doesn't install properly it is difficult to fix because no one really knows how to. The standard answer to most problems on this forum is to reinstall and hope it works.

Anyway this is ridiculous scenario for mission critical hosting environments and need to be fixed. Hopefully the KloxoNG team will improve the software and installation, but we are a very small group of volunteers and it will take many months of work.   
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by hostquota on 2018-04-20, 02:29:02 »
Lucky Tanuki: I've actually uninstalled Kloxo, I never expected it to work anyway, but each time I setup a new server for myself I give it a go again, just in case someone has actually got it working. There are no details really, other than webmail does not work, there is no webmail page, it simply does not exist. Page not found, simple as that.
I actually made a mistake when I said earlier that I've tried every version of kloxo over the past 7 years, I should have said that I've tried installing every version of kloxo at least twice a year since 2007. Kloxo original, KloxoMR and now KloxoNG, and not only does webmail not exist, but no one has ever been willing to help.
It's a shame because we are not all clever in everything, we all have our own skills and it would be nice if we were not so relluctant to help others, but as you can see, both on Kloxong facebook page and on here, I get rather unhelpful answers.."it works for me".
If you guys all want to keep it a secret amongst yourselves, and do not like the idea of others being able to benefit from it, fair play to you, but you should call it 'closed shop' rather than 'open source'.
I've come to realise the most unhelpful people on the internet are developers, who tend to think that everyone should have a dozen degrees if they want to use kloxo. Lighten up guys, if you were a bit more friendly you might attract more developers.
I should add that I did a lot in the past to find developers for the original Kloxo before it disappeared altogether, because I firmly believed in it, but no one wanted to know. And as you know Kloxo died a death. If you guys keep on being so stuck up about it, now that MR isn't about, KloxoMR will disappear too. Give people a chance guys, not me because I no longer believe in it nor the developers, but if you want it to survive for yourselves, then you're going to have to start wanting to help.
Sorry people, but for me Kloxo has always been a non runner, it never worked, it never will do, not until someone starts being decent enough to help others. The most imploite developers are Kloxo developers. Hope MR resurfaces for all your sakes. Bye.
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by luckytanuki on 2018-04-20, 01:33:36 »
You wont get any official help from KloxoNG as we are on hold at the moment. You just got a reply from another member of the group.

I'll be doing a test build of NG soon but there will be a lot of bug fixing of the MR code needed before we can do a release.

If you can detail your problems as an issue on our Github, we can try to address them before our  release - https://github.com/KloxoNGCommunity/kloxoNG-CP/issues   
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by hostquota on 2018-04-19, 21:29:02 »
Alex fear, do you see what you did there? You said "it works well for me" but provided no advice as to why it has never worked for me. It's a useless and unhelpful answer, but it's the only answer I ever get. How is that helpful?
I could actually sit at my pc all day and night for a month, waiting for a helpful answer as to what might be preventing webmail from working for me, but the most I'll ever get is "It works well for me".
As I said before, I even offered to pay a decent amount of money, and gave MR my login details, and the next day he mailed me saying it was done, but it wasn't. That was 2 years ago, and I've used IMSCP instead for the past two years.
I used to consider that Kloxo would be the best open source panel for me, for various reasons, but it's kind of incredible that no one ever suggests an answer.
I'm glad it works well for you. Perhaps one day, others might feel generous enough to offer some support, but I honestly believe I would have created my own fully functioning control panel from scratch, by the time that comes. You offer to send me screen shots, but you offer no advice, as usual. Anyone can fake screenshots.
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by alex_fear on 2018-04-19, 20:54:46 »
My mail works very well. Yes there were problems but these were my shoals, as a proof I can create a client for you or just throw a screenshot on the mail work mail. Solve me in PM.
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by hostquota on 2018-04-19, 19:30:06 »
I will be honest with you, without MR Kloxo is dead. KloxoNG are very unhelpful, I tried asking a question via facebook to be basically told "well it works for me"...what kind of support is that?
Over 7 years I've tried to use Kloxo as my panel of choice, but I have never been able to achieve a successful installation, neither as Kloxo, KloxoMR or KloxoNG, and no one has ever been helpful. It seems that anyone who has a successful installation does not want to help anyone who is having a problem. I have never come across such an unhelpful community as those involvedf with any Kloxo distribution.
I do not believe that anyone has ever installed this successfully, I don't believe Kloxo works, I don't believe it has ever worked and I don't believe it ever will. If it was capable of working, then why does no one ever want to be helpful? Why does everyone shut up when I point out problems?
It's the most disappointing panel ever, and that's because if it functioned it would be the best OS panel ever. It looks promising, but all it is is show. Webmail does NOT work, has NEVER worked, and I do not believe that it ever will because nobody at all adresses the issue when I point it out. Anyone who say's Kloxo's webmail works, is a liar and will remain a liar until they show me absolute proof that it works, rather than saying "it works for me". If it works, then why can nobody tell me why it wpon't work for me? I've tried dozens of installations over the past 7 years. I have successfully installed a wide range of other open source panels, but have never achieved working webmail with kloxo. So I've given up again. Until now, I used to try kloxo again, each time I purchased a new server, and each time I've had to uninstall and use something else, because as I mentioned Kloxo does not have a working webmail. I have dozens of servers running different panels, from Ajenti to zxpanel, the only one that does not function is kloxo, and kloxo also has the most unhelpful community. I even offered MR £100 to set it up for me, but he failed to do so. £100 is about 120 USD, so it was a fair offer. After the absolutely impolite reply from KloxoNG via facebook, I now consider Kloxo in all it's versions as a panel that will never work, and I will never try to use it again, I've wasted so many hours, and been told so much nonsense. Admit it guys, you're just making up b/s. Kloxo simply does not have and never will have working emails. Even MR couldn't sort it out when I gave him logi in details, two years ago! Waste of time and very annoying.
Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: The future of Kloxo-MR
« Last post by alex_fear on 2018-04-19, 18:43:43 »
Hello. There is already a working beta. For installation and testing?
Indonesia Users / Upgrade versi ICU (PHP Intl)
« Last post by Henry D on 2018-04-19, 10:44:23 »
Selamat siang,

Untuk upgrade php intl supaya ICU versinya menjadi versi diatas 4.9(defaultnya ICU: 4.2.1), bagaimana ya?

Pakai kloxo mr 7, dan php 56m

Terima kasih
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