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Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / IP change by VPS provider trouble with Qmail
« Last post by lenawaii on 2018-12-05, 15:05:36 »

My VPS provider changed of IP for my VPS. I changed everything: dns template, all A record in dns settings for domains.

The website are online but i  have trouble with Qmail, when I read IP addresses in kloxo panel, I have the following:
venet0-0___localhost   5.230.x.x (Not USED grey button) venet0:0 (NEW IP)
venet0-1___localhost   82.211.x.x  (USED green button) venet0:1 (OLD IP)

I tried cleanup, fixmail, fix-all etc, the new IP is still not green

Can you please help me, thanks
Indonesia Users / Re: Gagal install wordpress di Nginxproxi
« Last post by WawanSetyawans on 2018-12-01, 01:55:43 »
Kalo settingan wp-config.php sudah benar mungkin masalahnya ada pada cache gan
Web saya baru aja migrasi ke Kloxo MR 7 terbaru. Web dengan CMS wordpress dan saya tidak menggunakan perintah cache di web saya. Baik cache manual atau dengan plugin. Awalnya ada yang aneh dengan web, setiap kali posting artikel terbaru di halaman Homepage gak muncul. Saya cek cache web dan gak ada karena memang gak pasang plugin cache. Setelah diselidiki ternyata cache berasal dari server. Dalam hal ini dari panel Kloxo MR yang saya pakai.

Saya sudah melakukan beberapa cara yaitu :

1. Setting ke '-1' (alias 'disable static files cache') untuk 'Static Files Expire' dan 'Microcache Time' di 'web features' panel Kloxo MR.
2. Melakukan clear cache lewat Webserver Configure pada 'Pagespeed Cache (if Used)' terus klik Update.

Tapi kedua cara tersebut belum bisa mengatasi cache pada web saya. Sepertinya ini cukup bandel.

Mohon bantuannya kawan, atau barangkali pak Mustafa Ramadhan bisa bantu masalah saya
Indonesia Users / Re: Gagal install wordpress di Nginxproxi
« Last post by masud on 2018-11-26, 02:08:01 »
sama gan saya juga mengalami hal seperti itu dulu sekarang saya pake nginx saja.
This is a way, but interested in the blocklist too
tidak ada kaitan dengan kloxo, coba googling url rewrite
Setelah dapat file ssl dari comodo, login ke kloxomr > domains > domain. com > ssl certificate > add ssl file . done
Another move I could do before installing kloxo on top of my apache 2.2 config would be writing a piece of code on top of my installation lines that would adopt as native the pre-existing configuration that the server owns and simply disallows MariaDB to take over in new installation of kloxo.This could be achieved maybe by going to kloxo repo file and put 0 to MariaDB or something else MR could bring  which never was explained on this lovely forum
How about tiouse configserver firewall.


you just add ip in csf.deny.
Your not sure if previous configuration is deleted ,if it just was stopped so it might later be restarted there wouldnt be a problem for us so we could pick it up from there but I guees on linux configuration problems arise it might not be kloxo tough it might make harder to recover configuration for things that are not amended here
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